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Sponsorship assists the club to fund various activities ranging from fielding teams to play, ongoing operational costs, training coaches and volunteers and to maintain general items within the club. Sponsorship is also a partnership where our focus is that you see a Return On Investment (ROI).

Registration and insurance fees for the player for that season.

You will receive a stubby holder, free access to all home games, member discounts at the bar, entry to President’s half time senior football homes games. And, recognition on the club website and on the player profile.

Yes – we can discuss an alternative sponsorship package that suits your financial requirements.

Absolutely – Rockbank Football Sporting Club Inc. is registered through the Australian Sports Foundation as a recipient of donations.  You can receive a tax deduction for any donations $50 or more. We are currently raising funds to refurbish our club rooms.  Please contact our sponsorship coordinator to discuss how you can donate. https://asf.org.au/organisation/rockbank-football-sporting-club

Contact: Simon Vannuccini
Email: [email protected] or
Mobile: 0421 645 402

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